We hold to several core values. 

1. Prayer

We uphold prayer as a privilege and practice it with all diligence and teach our members to have a fruitful and powerful prayer life.

2. Worship

We uphold worship because it brings us into fellowship with God and engages us with His Holy Spirit.

3. Evangelism

We uphold evangelism as a not something we do, but who we are. Jesus said to do the work of an evangelist therefore we teach our members to be soul winners and share the gospel in their world where they live.

4. Discipleship

We uphold discipleship because it is a a command from Jesus Himself to go into all the world and make disciples. A disciple is a deep learner and close follower of Jesus Christ and His teaching. A true believer is more than a church attender, they are disciples. 

5. Community

We practice community as often as we are able. It is our understanding that the disciples fellowshipped often meeting from house to house. Our desire is to create more than a church but a family of men, women and children all growing together in God's word.