Arnulfo Ramos

Arnulfo leads our 1st-3rd Grade eGroup. Not only is a great father to his own kids, he brings that same quality to teaching our children. He teaches our kids about God and they listen and respect him greatly.

Ashley Marquez

Ashley is a transition teacher who recently moved up classes with our littles who just promoted to MOTION. While teaching any class, you can see how passionate Ashley is in making sure our kids are learning about God and are safe while doing that.

Genaro Marquez

Genaro leads our 4th-5th grade eGroup.  He has served in many areas in our church through the years until he felt that he could make a difference in our kids lives by joining our team.

Gracie Ramos

Gracie is one of our 4th-5th grade eGroup leaders. She is loved by the children because she connects with them on their level. She will interact with them by playing games in pre-group and then they will receive her teachings because she has earned their trust and respect.

Margarita Blaine

Margarita is not only a school teacher by trade, but she has been serving at our church for over 15 years. She has taught every age group and the kids love her animation and energy that she brings to teach them.